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0G Sugar Boba Milk Tea

Starting from conception in the heart of the pandemic in 2020, this project had begun its manifestation. Starting production and testing within Asia, Bobatein has grown to supply a healthy alternative to the traditional high sugar beverage that is beloved by all.

We source our ingredients from the highest quality, bringing together real tea with 20g of whey protein along with other healthy ingredients in order to offer benefits alongside enjoyment. This bottle of happiness can be enjoyed for any occasion, celebrating with you along the way. With no added sugar; cracking a cold one with friends to enjoying it after a workout can be done all guilt-free.
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Available Selection

Discover our current selection of choices composed of the top 3 most popular flavors of Boba Milk Tea! All Drinks come with zero added sugar and 20g of protein in each bottle. Email the contact below to ask more questions about any of the products to wholesale at your location!
Let's Change the Drink Industry Together
One Bottle at a Time.


After opening up in Asia, we are now spending the rest of the year working on getting to stores in the United States and Europe by 2023!

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