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Our Story

For as long as I can remember, getting Boba Milk Tea was one of my favorite memories with my grandpa, getting it almost every week after baseball practice. However as I got older I was told by my parents that I could no longer go out to eat or drink with him anymore. I did not know the reason at the time and instead of worrying, shifted my attention to going out with friends and getting my favorite beverage with them instead. By the time I got into college, my gradnpa had passed away. My parents told me that he had passed due to complications with his diabetes and blood pressure that he had been battling ever since I was born. My grandpa decided to keep his diet restrictions a secret from me because he knew how happy I was sharing our favorite drink together. From there I decided to create a solution where no other person would have to sacrifice their health just to enjoy creating memories together. I wanted to change a guilty pleasure into authentic joy.

Our Philosophy

Promise #1
To Never use Artificial Colors

Most Boba Milk Teas are made with artificial colors to give you the pleasant hues we see on Google and Social Media. These colors are achieved through artificial dyes manufactures produce that have been seen to be harmful to your body. For Ex. Thai Tea is not actually orange, it has been dyed for decades and now the public believes it's a natural tea color.
Promise #2
To Never use Artificial Flavors

Over the past few years, Boba has blown up globally around the world. In order to stay innovative, almost all boba shops have incorporated "new" flavors to stay with the times. However, these new flavors are never made naturally and instead are pumped with artificial flavorings to give you that familiar taste.
Promise #3 
To Never use Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar itself has become a huge impact on the health of every country in the world, correlating as a leading cause to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Although artificial sweeteners are seen as helpful against these issues, they offer a whole set of other potential problems that can affect people's health. We strive to only use natural sweeteners where although it is the costliest, we aim see the benefits it offers to our consumers.
Promise #4
To include Ingredients that benefit You

Instead of being like others where there is filler for taste or to cut costs at the expense of your health, we wanted to be different. We replaced the sugar and filled each bottle with
-20G of protein.
-MCT Oil
-Natural Sweeteners
-Fiber to help for digestion
-and most importantly, real Tea.

Our Goals 

The past few years within Asia, we had been developing drinks of all sorts for the public consumption. However, the past few years have been an awakening. We now want to produce everyone's favorite treat with quality ingredients and actual benefits that can provide guilt-free enjoyment.

We have begun to spread throughout parts of Asia and for the next few years we have created a goal to enter the biggest markets in the world in order to get everyone direct access to our delicious beverages. We have only recently initiated plans to bring our products to both North America and Europe and hope to get to everyone's fridge by 2023.

As we continue to meet and speak with both potential investors and stores, please patiently wait until we can until then. Thank you for reading our story and being a part of our journey. When we see each other again, "Let's Drink!"